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Biography - continued

Nina had her own weekly radio show on County Sound in Guildford called ‘Friday Night Affair with Nina Carter’.    At the same time she was juggling this with looking after her extended family and running the knitwear company.  On November 10th Rick and Nina married.  This was a grand affair held at Kempton Racecourse with celebrities attending in their droves.  The line-up for the wedding band was amazing and as Rick owned a transportation company he supplied 22 vintage Rolls Royces for the guests to be transported in!

Nina gave birth to a son, Oscar, and the family moved to the Isle of Man where they remained for many years.  During this time they toured the world with their children and had many wonderful experiences.  Charity as well as their Christian faith became an important aspect of their lives and together they raised funds for a variety of charities, including a record breaking attempt for the Guiness Book of records to lay the longest line of two pence coins ever.   This achievement led to Nina being invited to 10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minster of the time, Margaret Thatcher.

Although busy bringing up five children, often alone for long periods, Nina also got involved in the running of Rick’s Isle of Man recording studio which was visited by David Bowie, Chaka Khan, Norman Wisdom and many other stellar names.  She also provided meals on wheels for visiting artistes and so met and listened to them all.

Rick and Nina divorced.  Nina remained on the island with a home to maintain their home and children attending university, so she started up a Film Extra Agency.  This became an instant success as it coincided with an interest in the island from the film industry.  Nina supplied extras for ‘The Libertine’, starring Johnny Depp, Guy Ritchie’s ‘Revolver and  ‘Chromophobia’ starring Penelope Cruz, to name but a few films.  The Company was called Nina’s People and attracted favourable attention from the media.  However, Nina’s children were at university on the mainland and as she wanted to be nearer them she sold the house on the Isle of Man and moved to Arundel.  In this move she received much guidance from her beloved brother Graham as well as her  lifelong friend Jilly Johnson.   Sadly Graham passed away before Nina moved into her new home, and so it remains a very special place for her.

2009 - present
In 2009 Nina was introduced to world famous surgeon Douglas Harrison at a dinner party hosted by mutual friends.  There was an instant attraction that quickly grew into love and in 2010 they were married.  They now live happily in their country home together with Harvey, their beloved cocker spaniel.  Nina is currently writing a book for women and of course another book based on her more than eventful life.

 In addition Nina is available for media , modelling and after dinner speaking engagements.
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