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A Healthier Way of Life
By Merriam Stern
Many diseases that can seriously affect your life, including cancer, strokes, heart disease and diabetes, may be prevented by changing diet and lifestyle.

My top tips for a healthier way of life include:

1.  Avoid or cut down in saturated fats such as butter, margarine,
fatty meats and whole milk dairy.  Avoid cooking with oils that can
turn into trans fats.  Cook with rapeseed or olive oil and cook at low
and medium temperatures.  Avoid frying foods.

2.  Eat plenty of different and varied coloured vegetables such as green
broccoli, leafy greens, asparagus, white onions, garlics, yellow squash,
red peppers etc.  Certain vegetables contain compounds such as indonol 3 that have been shown to lower your risk for certain cancers  and many vegetables contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy body.

3.  Eat fruit low in sugar such as berries, apples and pears.  Keep fruit high in sugar such as tropical fruit to a minimum.  Eat the whole fruit rather than juice it since the whole fruit contains more fibre which is beneficial to digestive health whereas fruit juice contains more sugar.

4.  Eat whole foods and not processed foods such as wholewheat pasta and bread and avoid white starch.

Merriam Stern is a busy Nutritional Therapy practitioner with three practices in north west London , (Hampstead and St. Johns Wood)

Nutritional Therapy focuses on individual diets and lifestyle advice to redress nutritional imbalances for optimum health, peak performance, and disease prevention. Nutritional Therapy focuses on the person as a whole and not just the physical but the mental and emotional well-being.

Individual nutritional requirements are subject to age, gender, genetic make-up, medical history, past and present dietary patterns, environmental and other factors.  

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