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The London Moonwalk  is all about raising money for vital breast cancer causes and participants power walk a marathon (26.2 miles) or a half marathon (13.1 miles) , wearing decorated bras to raise awareness and money for breast cancer.

Nina is part of the Janet Reger team and they will be walking the half marathon and need your support!  In the team are:

Nina Carter - Celebrity Figure

Jilly Johnson - Celebrity Figure

Anthea Turner - TV Personality

Aliza Reger - CEO and owner of the Janet Reger Brand

Andrew Claremont - Husband of Aliza and as above

Sandra-Roycroft-Davies - Weight Loss/Motivational Guru

Niki Zamblera - HOUR Director at Debenhams

Ed Watson - PR Director at Debenhams

Click here for a history of Moonwalk

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2nd April 2012    

30th March 2012   Nina will be getting involved with a major and vital Charity - more details  to follow in April


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10th May 2012       From THE DAILY MAIL:


3rd May 2012          From THE DAILY MAIL:

22nd Sept. 2012     This is breast awareness week and amazingly the press are interested in my opinion on how women value their breasts and all because I appeared some 30 years ago on Page 3 of the Sun newspaper topless. I find it astonishing that out of all the exciting and interesting experiences I have had so far in my life, it is always Page 3 that captures the attention of the press. I am not sure the general public care one way or the other.

Anyway breasts are a seriously sensitive subject, not their size, but what they represent mainly to the individual. Women especially are aware that this part of their body feeds their children, is their life line in their early years. It is their breasts that either make them feel feminine or not, depending on how they perceive themselves. It is their breasts that contract cancer and are removed leaving them feeling inadequate or self conscious. Yet it is breasts that constantly are discussed in a sexual sense when in actual fact they have a purpose and once that purpose is fulfilled they are pretty useless. We as women are made to feel it is important to have a good bosom. Why, it beats me because most men prefer a nice round bottom to a large breast!

 Page 3 and the girls who appear on it is just yet another way of celebrating the wonders of the female form. Throughout history we have been obsessed with nudity and its grace and beauty. A woman's body  is elegant and an art form when portrayed sympathetically and tastefully. 

In the early days of Page 3 it was exciting to be a part of this glamorous publication, we, the models Viv Neves, Jilly Johnson and I were the first page 3 girls to grace the Sun's 3rd page and we were sent off to exotic locations, where we posed on white Caribbean beaches adorned with fashionable swimwear or we were draped in bright coloured sarongs with skimpy bikini tops lounging on yachts or rolling in tropical water falls. The pictures were ground breaking, they made us household names and opened doors into the music industry, TV , commercial and radio world. After all as a young aspiring model ambitious for fame and fortune, however superficial that is, it is what you hope for, success with a big S. So when people say to me do you regret appearing on Page 3 of course I say no it was part of my life's journey. Without it I would not have had the opportunities to spread my wings into so many other avenues.

However, would I want my daughter to appear topless in the Sun today (not that she would even consider it) ? Not likely  Why? Because we live in a very different society…. a society that has almost unrestricted access to a variety of perversions thanks to the media and internet.  It is not a world to bare all in any longer, it is not safe to appear undressed, nor does it send out the right message to our new Ladette culture who are a new breed of women who enjoy being exhibitionists. They drink like men and dress inappropriately and are on our streets in most cities, behaving badly. We live in a big brother society where most people can be tracked and where privacy and mystery are not respected any more.  In fact there is very little respect for anything or anyone in this world,. So would I be a Page 3 girl in today's world?   NO!  I was fortunate to be in the era of love, peace and freedom when all things were possible and gentlemen preferred blondes!  (Not true I know but it sounds good) . I was never threatened or ever made to feel uncomfortable, I was always treated like a lady and  always behaved like one. It was a more chivalrous age.